Frequently Asked Questions

While every region is different, TET is hiring fully credentialled teachers, teacher aides, special education aides, day to day classroom substitutes and after-school support.

Credentials vary by region and position. Your recruiter will walk you through it the requirements.

While experience is preferred, it is not required. We offer professional development, and we have a placement team dedicated to being available if you have any questions about your job assignments. You can also start out as a teacher’s aide and work your way up.

You set your own availability. TET will match you to assignments only on days that you are available.

Yes. You have the flexibility to specify your schedule of availability. We ask that you maintain an average availability of 2 days a week. The days can vary week to week according to your preferences.

The Education Team pays very competitive wages. Your salary will depend on your qualifications and experience.

Payroll is processed weekly and we offer free direct deposit.

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