Frequently Asked Questions

TET serves only the education field. We have day-to-day classroom substitutes for K-12, long-term substitutes, credentialed teachers, classroom aides, paraprofessionals for special education and after-school substitutes.

Our rates vary by region and classification of the sub. TET’s bills at a set hourly rate where you only pay for the hours you need. Please submit an inquiry form and one of our team members will contact you and provide applicable rates.

Marinating a substitute pool is costly and time consuming. TET helps alleviate that burden by providing you with staff as you need it and allowing you to easily adjust your staffing levels to match your needs.

TET’s rates are all inclusive. When you use a teacher from TET it is usually because you have an absence or a vacancy to fill. If you were to fill that vacancy yourself you would incur all of the following costs:

Hourly wage / salary

Payroll taxes (Social Security, Medicare, Federal UI, State UI, etc.)

Benefits costs (Medical, Dental, Vision, Pension/Retirement)

Paid vacation, sick days and statutory holidays

Workers’ compensation insurance premiums

In addition to avoiding all of the above costs, using TET also saves you money by reducing over-time for your staff, eliminating the need to place recruitment ads and reducing your payroll processing costs.

You can place a sub request as soon as you know that you need it, this can be the day off, days before, or hours before. Same day requests are our specialty, as our substitutes are on-call and ready to work every morning. Naturally, the more advance notice you can give, the higher the likelihood of finding an exact match to your requirements.

TET has a placement coordinator assigned to your region that will work with you learn your school/program and ensure that the best match is assigned at all times. You can call our toll-free number to reach your coordinator between 6AM and 7PM PST. You can also email your requests or use our online customer portal. Your coordinator will provide you with regular updates on the status of your request.

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