Our Services - Teachers


Why engage in a lengthy job search when one call to The Education Team can be the solution?

We can get you working quickly in many of the best schools.

Why The Education Team?

The Education Team offers excellent pay and a full complement of benefits for its employees such as:

  • Jobs in your neighborhood, to your preferences
  • Exposure to different schools
  • Schedule flexibility from week-to-week
  • Part-time or full-time assignments
  • Referral bonuses
  • Medical and dental insurance (for employees averaging 30 hours or more per week)
  • Accrual of PTO
  • Career counseling
  • Professional development workshops
  • Staff available live to answer all your questions, assist you through the process, and provide constant support!


Gain valuable, on the job experience. You can decide through subbing if a long-term career in education is for you. In addition, many of our subs get placed into permanent positions at the schools at which they have been a substitute. You can also supplement your income part-time while maintaining a flexible schedule. Some of our subs are parents, retired teachers, or even have other part-time jobs.

Requirements vary by state. Please call 855-898-2929 to find out what is required for your state.

Your hours will vary based on the needs of our client schools. You can increase the number of assignments you receive by doing a great job teaching, being available more days per week, and returning our phone calls promptly.

Yes. You have the flexibility to specify your schedule of availability. We ask that you maintain an average availablity of 2 days a week. The days can vary week to week according to your preferences.

The Education Team pays very competitive wages. Your salary will depend on your qualifications and experience.

Payroll is processed weekly and we offer free direct deposit.

To apply please call: